Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Salem continued

I have a few more pictures from Salem that I wanted to share.

Salem is on the north shore of Massachusetts so we were on a mission to head towards the water. Melissa marched right up to the shore like she owned this town.

 I think this ship might need a little work before it's seaworthy.

The introspective birthday girl, Melissa waits for a sailor. Not a swimming beach but still pretty.

I love the old square houses of Salem. Some of them have little plaques that tell you a bit about the house. I wonder if there's a reason that the old houses are box shaped. Was that the style or were they built like that to protect from storms?

Lots of shutters in Salem. I love shutters.

One of the many witches found in Salem.

We had lunch at a small bar/restaurant called In a Pig's Eye. The french fries were really good.

Me and Kristina waiting for our food. Not sure why I'm so squinty.

We stopped by Beer Works for drinks. I had the blueberry ale. I ordered the blueberry half for the taste and half for the bouncing blueberries.

Melissa belts out a sweet tune. Karaoke and birthdays go hand in hand.

I wish the trains ran a little later. We would have liked to stay longer and sing some more karaoke. We did get a pretty full day in though and I can't wait to go back.


  1. That can't be a with found in Salem, it's in one piece. I actually didn't know Salem was a coastal town. I seriously fail. Though it does make me want to go more.