Thursday, August 4, 2011

Someone take these Funyuns away

I am so gross this morning.  I ate Funyuns at 10 a.m.  They're not even real onions!  I'm starving today and I would probably eat anything you put in front of me right now.  As Lor pointed out.  I'm having a "Hollow Day".  I love me a good Hunger Game's reference and Peeta's strong baker's arms.

This week is making me way too tired.  I forgot that this picture was taken last night until I was looking through my iphone photos.

 To Catch a Predator Called.  They want their decoy back.

This is why I don't wear hats often.  They are usually too big for my head and I look like a 13 year old girl.  If I was asked to be a decoy on To Catch a Predator I would totally do it.  It would look awesome on my resume.  Legal Assistant and decoy on To Catch a Predator.

This post is all over the place as is my head right now.  I just thought I'd share this photo and my dreams of being a decoy on To Catch a Predator.


  1. Hi Ginny, congratulations for being 20SB's featured blogger :)


  2. I think they call that show "To Catch A Chris Hanson" now, since he got caught cheating on wife with hidden cameras...

    Now it's just all about watching Chris Hanson on secret video.

  3. Funyuns are simultaneously disgusting and amazing. I have to be in the mood, but when I am WATCH OUT.

  4. I look forward to seeing your episode of TCAP.

  5. @Nandana - thank you!

    @Just Me - did he really?! Wow. Smooth move Chris.

    @Kim - that's how I am too with Funyuns. I have to be in the mood and I was in the mood it seems.

    @Sweeney - I'll give you a shout out.